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Commercial Roofing Honolulu

A quality well maintained roof is of extra importance when we talk about a business. If you own a business, you are liable to maintain the place in safe conditions to the workers and employees. Working on commercial roofs can be challenging due to the potential inconvenience to your customers and workers. Elite Roofing Honolulu understands that and will always provide work on safe environment with minimal disruption to your daily business. We have extensive experience in commercial roofing in Honolulu. Projects include commercial roof repair and commercial roof installation for churches, buildings, condominiums, AOAO, and warehouses.

You can count on us for commercial roof repair Honolulu as much as new installations. Roof coating and waterproofing is another popular service. We can work with and around existing solar panels. Call us at (808) 374-5944


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Commercial Roofing Oahu

Despites Honolulu being the most popular city for repair and install of commercial roof, Elite Roofing Honolulu provides commercial roofing in Oahu, for the entire island. Our services include commercial roof repair, replacement, and coating. Commercial roof coating is quite common in Oahu to increase the durability of the roof. We have performed commercial flat roof and metal roof coating in Honolulu and Oahu.

One of our areas of expertise for businesses has been the Cool Roof coating system. This roof coating reflects most of the UV light from the sun. By reflecting the light, the temperature inside the building decreases significantly which in turn will translate in significant decreased costs to the monthly electric bill. Much like other roofing company, we see that the commercial roof coating system also increases the longevity of your roof. 

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Through proper roof maintenance, Elite Roofing Honolulu has been able to help a lot of local business owners to keep their business safe and on budget. Find how we can help you too.

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Commercial Roof Systems

Most Popular Commercial Roof Systems in Oahu

The most common commercial roofing systems in Oahu are the flat roof and low sloped roof. Those are perfect for the silicone coating for reflecting sun light and waterproof.

The Honolulu roofing contractors will first listen to your complaint and then inspect the roof for the root of the problem. They will inspect the entire roof regardless of the complaint. Our Honolulu roofers have found leaks and cracks that the owner never noticed before and that is the main reason supporting continued roof maintenance. By spotting issues before they are problems the roofers are able to repair it and thousands of dollars and headaches will be saved in the long run. Elite Roofing Honolulu is proud to offer a transparent customer service with quality roof inspections, and free non-obligation estimates.

For more information how our Oahu roofers can help your business stay safe feel free to contact our experts.