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Rain Gutters Honolulu, Oahu

We recommend rain gutters installation in Oahu homes. That is because it rains a lot in Oahu and gutters can help decrease the mount of water that falls into the soil around your house. That could be a problem because that is where the foundations of your home are. If you are on a process of a roofing replacement in Oahu, we usually recommend removing the old gutters and install new gutters in your Oahu home. That is because you want to make sure the roof-gutter system works well together keeping water away from your home.


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Unfortunately, We Are Currently Not Able to Offer Gutter Installation.

But please read our recommendations in order to maximize your roof

How Rain Gutters Can Affect Your Roof in Oahu

Gutters are great but they can also be a problem if not well kept. Sometimes rain gutters can get clogged and that is when they may become heavy. Remember, gutters are attached to the roof. If they are heavy, they will be causing extra pressure to the roof. That in turn can lead to roof damage.

Problems with the gutters are easy to spot. There are signs you should look for such as growing plants in your gutters, or sand like particles by the gutter’s down spout. If you find one or both issues be sure to clean your rain gutters and consider an upgrade in the case that you feel they are very worn. The best time for a gutter upgrade is when you replace your roof though. That is because most gutters are attached to the roof. With that being said, the roofers need to remove the gutters to replace the roof.

Considerations About
Gutter Installation in Oahu

If your home does not have rain gutters in Oahu but you are considering to install it, first think about your roof. How old is it? Is it close to the time where you may need a replacement? Is your roof already giving you problems and has been repaired multiple times? If you are in this situation and feel that you will need to replace your roof soon, it is better to install the gutters at that time. Removing and re-installing the same gutters may cause some damage to them, and you do not want that to happen in brand new gutters. 

Need to install rain gutters in Honolulu or Oahu along with roof replacement? We can assist with roof and gutter recommendations, but unfortunately our Honolulu roofing company is not currently able to install it.