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Kaneohe is like a second home to our roofing contractors. Some of them are from the area, and due to the good reputation, a large portion of our customers are Kaneohe homeowners and business owners. an. As we grow in experience, we continue to invest in more knowledge about all the new roof materials and skills.

If you live or ever lived in Kaneohe, you know that we often are hit with hard rain and wind. That is usually when some -not so healthy- roofs break. Shingles sink, break or fly off of the roof. People notice leaks into the ceiling or wall. You name it. We are very familiar with all these emergency problems and have found the best materials to work with to prevent them.

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How we can work together

A Professional Team Of Residential Roofing Contractors In Kaneohe HI

Reach Out For Help

How old is your roof? Are you missing shingles or are they damaged? Simply reach out to our Kaneohe roofers for help. We usually don’t miss a call as we have a dedicated team handling the phone. If we are busy, leave a message and we will be sure to contact you back.


FREE Inspection and Estimate

Inspecting your roof is the only way to know what needs to be done. The goal is to find the problem and the best solutions. We love educating homeowners about the materials, options, pros, cons, and costs for each option available.


Customized Action Plan

After you understand what the problem is and analyze the options according to the budget you are comfortable with, we can make a customized plan of action so you know exactly what to expect from us. Do you have an insurance claim, or need financing? We can help with that too.

Roofing Services We Do

Roof Replacement

All types, asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles, concrete tiles, clay tiles, Japanese tile, wood shake, metal roof.

Roof Repair

Repair and fix the damaged part of a roof with minimal aesthetic difference from the original

Commercial Roofing

The right roof for business owners. Experienced with small and big commercial roofing jobs.

Roof Coating

Add quality roof coating and waterproofing to increase the durability of your roof.

Rain Gutters Installation

When you install a new roof we can help you with installing a rain gutter system.

Roof Leaks

What is causing the leak? We will find the cause the best options to fix it once and for all.

Available Options For Roofing Financing in Kaneohe


Let’s face it. No homeowner is really thinking about saving money for their roof on a yearly basis if there is no warning sign for it. Unfortunately, a roof replacement is not cheap either. Having that in mind, we have been fortunate to build a relationship with a roofing financing company that has been helping a lot of our customers successfully. No scams or crazy interest rates, so we have no problems recommending this option if is necessary.

What About Using My Homeowner Insurance for a New Roof?


In some cases your homeowner insurance may cover the roofing that needs to be done. They will need some evidence of what needs to be done, and we have no problems working with insurance companies if this is the case.

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Absolute zero sales pressure. Just take our FREE Quote for any repairs or new roofs: asphalt shingles, wood shake, monier concrete tiles, metal roof, and more. Try Us Out!

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Residencial and Commercial Roofing in Kaneohe Since 2005

Our Kaneohe roofers have been refining the roof installation process since 2005. Our mission is to continue growing our skills and knowledge to match the quality of every job we do. We are CertainTeed and GAF certified. If you know anything about those companies, you know that they are very respected in the roofing world. We only materials we would use on our own home and therefore are able to offer warranties that will protect the life of your roof. We are so confident in the skills that we offer satisfaction guaranteed with any work we do. Call us to get an assessment and estimate for Kaneohe roofing repair or replacement.

✔ Asphalt Shingles
✔ Standing seam
✔ Tile Restoration
✔ Wood Shingle
✔ Tile Roofs

✔ Waterproofing
✔ Peel and stick
✔ Single ply
✔ Metal roof
✔ Coating

✔ Coated Roof Systems
✔ Modified Bitumen
✔ Built up Roof
✔ Flat Roof

We are not like other Kaneohe Roofing Companies

Here is Why.

We all heard these stories about roofers that:

  • Don’t pick up the phone or call you back when you need
  • Ask for a very high deposit, almost the total of the job
  • Low ball the job price to get the job, then either skimp on the materials
  • Or ask for more money later on
  • Pressure you to sign some contract on the spot

We disapprove this type of business behavior. We love what we do, and go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction. We are confident that you will be able to see that when you start working with us. A roof replacement is a big decision, and you can trust that we will respect your time and business with us. Give us a call today!

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