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The Cheaper Alternative of Reroofing in Honolulu, Oahu
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Reroofing Honolulu, Oahu

Most people have no idea about the option of reroofing. Reroofing could be an alternative option for Oahu homeowners who want to minimize select roofing issues and increase the lifetime of the existing roof, but are on a tight budget. Elite Roofing Honolulu has experience in reroofing in Honolulu and Oahu. Our Honolulu roofer contractors will take this option into consideration when assessing your roof. Call us at (808) 374-5944.


 What is Reroofing?

Installing or replacing a roof means removal of all the existing shingles and materials. Reroofing means that the old roof will stay, and the new roof layer will be installed on top of the existing layer. It is must like an extra layer of protection. Just like anything else, there are pros, and cons, outlined below.


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The only but big advantage of this option if the much cheaper cost vs roof replacement. If you are on a tight budget, reroofing has the potential advantage of delaying a new roof installation and contributes to better aesthetics of your home.


There are a lot of cons of reroofing which you should be aware before moving forward with this option. First, the weight of a new roof over your old roof may not be the best idea for a lot of homes. Second,  you cannot continuously re-roof. Once you do it once, the next time you can only opt for new roof installation. Moreover, reroofing cannot delay the problem too long if the damage to the roof is too big. Finally, you must know that when you decide to replace your roof later on, your costs will be significantly higher because the roofers have to remove 2 layers of roof. Easy math: if each shingle has 6 nails, and you add another shingle on top with another 6 nails, you can imagine how much more time and labor that will take to any roofer to remove.

Reroofing Cost in Oahu

Reroofing price depends on material, labor, equipment needed, size, and location. The slope of the roof could also affect the cost of reroofing due to potential more labor and time required. For the materials, asphalt shingles is the cheapest material and require less labor making them an attractive option in a pricing standpoint of view.

Hawaii Reroofing laws

There are several laws to be followed to protect the homeowner. Our Honolulu roofing contractors are remarkably familiar with the law and the dangers of improper reroofing and will guide you well to your options. One of the important laws to know is that there is a maximum of 2 layers of roofing allowed. That is because the added layer will increase the weight on the roof which could be very dangerous if it starts to break. If your roof already has 2 layers of shingles, reroofing is not an option anymore and your next option is roof replacement.

Some homeowners are not aware of how many layers their roof has since they are not the original owners most of the time. Our Honolulu roofers can easily spot that to educate you for the most beneficial options. If the current roof is water-soaked, the base for new roofing is also jeopardized and roof replacement will be the only option.