Roofs need continued attention and sporadic maintenance. Even if you didn’t experience a roof leak yet, you can imagine how that can cause numerous problems to your home, and consequently to your wallet. It all starts with water infiltration in the system, which may promote wood rot and even mold growth. Both of these can compromise the structural stability of your home.

A severe mold/mildew infection can also lead to allergic reactions among family members, while unsightly water decks can form on ceilings and walls. Here are some the main reasons why roof can help avoid these problems.


Why Are The Roofs Leaking?

Weather-related factors

High winds combined with heavy rains often damage the roof. Shingles can be lifted off the roof and torn torn off if they are already vulnerable due to strong wind gusts, especially weakened nails or staples. The power of heavy rain can even cause Old, weakened shingles to break and water to get in. Gale-force winds can create holes and holes for rainwater, causing branches or nearby tress to collapse onto the roof.

Poor Roof Maintenance

Roofs benefit from annual inspections, identify these problems before they become serious problems, such as rusty flashing or broken and missing shingles. Inspections should also be carried out after severe storms to ensure roof systems are not damaged by tree branches, rain and wind. Without regular maintenance, it becomes difficult to know what the roof needs until damage such as stains and leaks on the ceiling are seen.


Clogged Gutters

Gutters cause rainwater to move off the roof, into neighboring gutters and away from your home. If they are clogged with debris such as leaves and branches, rainwater accumulates under the shingles, causing leaks. Clogged grooves can also cause water to flow through the edges and gather around the foundation, causing damage to the foundation and mold formation. Clean the gutters at least twice a year and place protectors such as leaf protectors to prevent blockages.

The best way to fix roof leak in Honolulu and anywhere else you may be, is to prevent it by maintaining your roof clean and free of damage. You can trust our team of contractors for expertise and knowledge in roof installation and roof repair in Honolulu and Oahu.