Most roofing companies offer both roof repairs and replacement. Some may specialize more in certain types of roofs, such as metal, shingles, wood shake, or tile for example. While some roofs are more durable and protective than others, leaks can occur in all types. Leaks are the most common reason why homeowners call us and other Oahu roofing companies. Thankfully, just because your roof has a leak it doesn’t mean that it needs replacement. Most roofs are designed to last decades or longer and that is why you want experienced roofers to inspect it and let you know if there are any signs that you need a replacement, or if you can get by with a repair.

You will have a higher chance of being okay with a repair if your home is a newer construction or if the roof was replaced in the past few decades. However, it also depends on the type of roof, quality of work done, and weather conditions it has been experiencing. We all know the ocean breeze, the strong sun, wind, and rain can cause damage to a roof. The extreme weather we must say. Although we are pretty lucky in Hawaii with our weather, we sure experience strong sun and ocean breeze all year long, and strong wind and rain on occasion. The material that your roof is made of can help make it more durable in these weather conditions you can’t avoid.

What Is Your Roof Made Of?

Most roofs last a couple decades before a replacement is needed. Asphalt shingles are the least durable, hence the cheaper. Concrete, clay, and stone roofs may outlast the home itself (up to 50 or even 100+ years). That being said, it does not mean that you won’t need to repair your rood here and there. The best is to act quickly as soon as you find a problem. Letting it drag will open a door to further damage and more complicated repairs which could end in replacements. In addition to rain, UV rays, and wind, we also must account for fallen trees and small rodents and animals that could cause harm to your roof. That is a strong reason to maintain your roof on a regular basis. Especially if you have shingles. Other materials such as metal roof, for example, does not require any maintenance. That is one of the reasons why some homeowners don’t mind spending a bit more on a metal roofing installation vs shingles. We see metal roofs becoming more and more popular in certain areas of Oahu, such as Makiki, Kaimuki, Waialae, and Kahala areas, along with some neighborhoods in Kaneohe and Kailua.


Shingle Repair

Shingle repair is by far the most common roof repair service. First and foremost, shingles are still the most popular roofing choice for most Americans and Hawaii residents. Second, some shingles are the most susceptible to damage and are likely to curl, fly with the wind, or be damaged from the sun.

If you have asphalt shingles, you can help avoid further damage by observing any changes. Some things to look for:

  • Loss of granules (look for the gutters, floor, and along the roof)
  • Shingle splitting/broken
  • Curled shingles
  • Shrinking shingles
  • Broken shingles

Some shingles are made of stronger materials such as clay, concrete, or stone which are more rigid and less likely to damage, however, these are still the things to look for.


Flashing Repair

Some people need a roof repair due to flashing damage. Flashing is the galvanized metal that keeps water and moisture away from chimneys and other seams in the roof. This can be a cause for leaks. You will want to have someone repair and install it properly.


Visible Leaks and Repair

If you can detect a leak inside your home, you are in trouble! Call a roofing company such as ourselves for quick roof leak services. If the leak is visible inside it means that the water build-up is pretty significant already. If you recall that there was a recent storm, maybe it has started then. Otherwise, it could be going on for years!

At this point, repairs may be needed in more than just your roof. New drywall, paint, and floor are common. Here are the things to look for to catch leaks:

  • Wall stains
  • Wall bulging
  • Wall peeling
  • Other wall damages, especially if on the ceiling or top of the wall.


Gutter Maintenance and Repair

Don’t forget your gutters. Some leaves and debris get stuck there and prevent water from draining properly which is the function of the gutters. We recommend regular cleaning of your gutters, especially after you notice a major fall in leaves and debris. The debris can build up and clog the drains. Then the heavy rain comes and could cause a major build-up in water which can further damage the roof and cause a leak.


Poor Ventilation Repair

Everyone knows the month of August can be quite hot in Hawaii. As we mentioned before, heat can also damage your roof. Some houses get quite hot in the summer months and if your roof vents aren’t working properly, your roof won’t be able to breathe. That leads to hot air not being expelled out. The high humidity is another enemy of the Hawaii roofs. The consequences of these are mildew and other growths, rotting, in the internal structure (e.g. fascia, rafters). 

To prevent any ventilation issues, you should consider roof repair services as soon as you spot problems. Avoid that small issue from becoming a big one such as a need to remove and install a brand-new roof. Call our company for thorough roof inspections, free estimates, and quality work, and customer service.